Maybe “Information Philosophy” is a better term

I would love to be a data scientist. It’s a brand new field, a new frontier of understanding information at volumes that society has rarely tried to grapple before. At least, that’s what i believe data science to be.

Appearing in the media about a year ago, possibly as the secret love child of Drew Conway and Hilary Mason, the term ‘data science’ has not been widely welcomed by many statistical or IT professionals. This can be at least partly attributed to the lack of a clear definition of the subject. Pete Warden rebuts this and most of the other criticisms leveled at data science in a clear defense of the term.

I would go a step further, and say that the term is a fantastic one to attract students and younger people to the numerate sciences, statistics in particular. The image of statistics is commonly seen as dour and sterile. Data science is promoted in the wider media as vibrant, easy to understand and attractive. The worlds of mathematics, computer science and statistics have been given a great opportunity to show their best sides with data science and should be actively encouraging it as a vehicle for the promotion of more “clearly defined” fields of study.

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